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Har du laget et prosjekt med T3-stakken og ønsker å dele det? Legg det til lista!

Open source-prosjekter bygget med T3-stakken

OpenBio - Open Source Link in Biovanxh/openbioopenbio.app
TheNinja-RPG - A free browser-based ninja gameTheNinjaRPGtheninja-rpg.com
Create T3 Turbo - T3 Stack using Turborepocreate-t3-turbocreate-t3-turbo.vercel.app
Zapdos - a QnA app for streamerspingdotgg/zapdosask.ping.gg
Shoutify - Free, open-source, self-hosted social media managementtechsquidtv/shoutifyshoutify.app (coming soon)
Me3 - Describe yourself in 3 things and share with your friends.henriqgoncalvs/me3me3-henriiqueg.vercel.app
Josh's personal sitejoshhyde9/t3-portfoliot3.joshhyde.me
Cal.com - Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.calcom/cal.comcal.com
My FAQ Page - An FAQ Page generatorronanru/myfaq.pageMyFAQ.page
Tincy Pics - A tincy wincy image hostmozzius/tincypicstincy.pics
Ayanava's GuestbookAyanavaKarmakar/Guestbookguestbook.ayanavakarmakar.software
Slug - URL Shortenerpheralb/slugslug.vercel.app
AI TTS Donations - FOSS AI Text To Speech service for Streamers.mmattDonk/AI-TTS-Donationsstaging.solrock.mmattDonk.com
The Doommoltivie/slugthe-t3-stack.vercel.app
KARA Shop - Ecommerce websitemehrabmp/kara-shopkarashop.vercel.app
Tauri T3 App - Tauri App using T3 Stacktauri-t3-apptauri-t3-app.docs
Azon - E-Commerce websiteandrewsolonets/Azon-Shopazon-shop.vercel.app
Analyzemyrepo.com - Useful insights for any GitHub repoCrowdDotDev/analyzemyrepoanalyzemyrepo.com
Answer Overflow - Discord bot to index help channels into GoogleAnswerOverflow/AnswerOverflowansweroverflow.com
Hitori - Serverless Discord bot templateastridlol/Hitori(none)
CUA - Create an Universal App for web, native and desktopchen-rn/CUAcua-demo.vercel.app
Menufic - Digital menu generator for restaurantskaje94/menuficmenufic.com
Twitter clone - A simple Twitter cloneAlandSleman/t3-twitter-clonetwitter-clone.kurdmake.com
Prisma Editor - A powerful tool to visualize and edit Prisma Schemamohammed-bahumaish/prisma-editorprisma-editor.up.railway.app
Judge devs - website, where developers share their projectsjudge-devs (gh)judge-devs.com
T3 Blog - A Reddit inspired forum websiteleojuriolli7/t3-blogt3-blog-pi.vercel.app
Checkinout - A checklist management project using T3 Stackburak-sevinc/t3-checkinoutcheckinout.vercel.app
Sozluk Clone - A simple clone of Ekşi Sözlükdoandroidsdreamof/sozluk-clonesozluk-clone.vercel.app
Henrique's personal sitehenriqgoncalvs/websitehenriqgoncalvs.com
Code Notes - Takes your notes without any b*llshitJungRama/code-notescode-notes-app.vercel.app

Selskaper som bruker T3-stakken

Vi vil gjerne vite hvilke selskaper som bruker T3-stakken for applikasjonene sine. Bruker du T3-stakken og vil dele den? Legg den til lista!


Har du et kult prosjekt som bruker T3-stakken? Opprett en Pull Request og legg den til her!

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