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The best way to start a full-stack, typesafe Next.js app

npm create t3-app@latest

Typesafe From The Start

We made create-t3-app to do one thing: Streamline the setup of typesafe Next.js apps WITHOUT compromising modularity.

After countless projects and many years on this tech, we have lots of opinions and insights. We've done our best to encode them into this CLI.

This is NOT an all-inclusive template. We expect you to bring your own libraries. Check out our other recommendations for things like state management and deployment.

The best of the full stack TypeScript ecosystem...

...but ONLY the parts you need

Take what you want and nothing more!


Next.js offers a lightly opinionated, heavily optimized approach to creating applications using React. It's the industry standard and we're proud to build on top of it :)


Prisma is the best way to work with databases in TypeScript. It provides a simple, type-safe API to query your database, and it can be used with most SQL dialects (and Mongo too!).


We firmly believe TypeScript will help you be a better web developer. Whether you're new to JS or a seasoned pro, the "strictness" of TypeScript leads to smoother building.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that helps you build beautiful, responsive designs without any extra configuration. It’s built with utility-first principles, and is completely customizable and extendable.


If your frontend and backend are TypeScript, it's really hard to beat the DX of tRPC. Kinda like GraphQL but without the work - seriously this lib is magic.
When you need flexible, secure, and scalable auth, NextAuth.js is top notch. It ties into your existing database and provides a simple API to manage users and sessions.