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T3 Collection

Made a project using the T3 stack and want to share it? Add it to the list!

Open Source apps made using the T3 Stack

Create T3 Turbo - T3 Stack using Turborepocreate-t3-turbo↗create-t3-turbo.vercel.app↗
Zapdos - a QnA app for streamerspingdotgg/zapdos↗ask.ping.gg↗
Shoutify - Free, open-source, self-hosted social media managementtechsquidtv/shoutify↗shoutify.app↗ (coming soon)
Me3 - Describe yourself in 3 things and share with your friends.hnqg/me3↗me3.hnqg.io↗
Josh’s personal sitejoshhyde9/portfolioβ†—joshhyde.meβ†—
Cal.com - Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.calcom/cal.com↗cal.com↗
My FAQ Page - An FAQ Page generatorronanru/myfaq.page↗MyFAQ.page↗
Tincy Pics - A tincy wincy image hostmozzius/tincypics↗tincy.pics↗
Ayanava’s GuestbookAyanavaKarmakar/Guestbookβ†—guestbook.ayanavakarmakar.softwareβ†—
Slug - URL Shortenerpheralb/slug↗slug.vercel.app↗
AI TTS Donations - FOSS AI Text To Speech service for Streamers.mmattDonk/AI-TTS-Donations↗staging.solrock.mmattDonk.com↗
The Doommoltivie/slug↗the-t3-stack.vercel.app↗
KARA Shop - Ecommerce websitemehrabmp/kara-shop↗karashop.vercel.app↗

Companies using the T3 Stack

We’d love to know of companies that use the T3 stack for their apps. Is your company using the T3 stack and would like to share it? Add it to the list!


Have a cool project using the T3 stack? Make a pull request↗ and add it here!