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To scaffold an app using create-t3-app, run any of the following three commands and answer the command prompt questions:


npm create t3-app@latest


yarn create t3-app


pnpm create t3-app@latest


bunx create-t3-app@latest

After your app has been scaffolded, check out the first steps to get started on your new application.

Advanced usage

[dir]Include a directory argument with a name for the project
--noGitExplicitly tell the CLI to not initialize a new git repo in the project
-y, --defaultBypass the CLI and bootstrap a new t3-app with all options selected
--noInstallGenerate project without installing dependencies

Experimental usage

For our CI, we have some experimental flags that allow you to scaffold any app without any prompts. If this use case applies to you, you can use these flags. Please note that these flags are experimental and may change in the future without following semver versioning.

--CILet the CLI know you’re in CI mode
--trpcInclude tRPC in the project
--prismaInclude Prisma in the project
--nextAuthInclude NextAuth.js in the project
--tailwindInclude Tailwind CSS in the project

If you don’t provide the CI flag, the rest of these flags has no effect.

You don’t need to explicitly opt-out of the packages you don’t want. However, if you prefer to be explicit, you can pass false, e.g. --nextAuth false.


The following would scaffold a T3 App with tRPC and Tailwind CSS.

pnpm dlx create-t3-app@latest --CI --trpc --tailwind

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